Ring Joint Gaskets

Ring Joint Gaskets are metallic sealing rings suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications and are fitted in ring groove type Flanges.

They are widely used in the Oil and Petrochemical industries and in Valves and pipe work. Choice of material may be determined to suit higher temperatures and aggressive media. They comply with ASME B16.20 standards and API spec 6A. (where applicable).

Ring Joint Gasket

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions and can be adapted to suit almost all applications. The Gaskets can seal fluid pressures up to 250 bar and temperature range of -200oC to 1000oC.

The Gasket is easy to install and remove and will not cause damage to the Flange surfaces. A combination of winding materials and metals are available which enable the Gasket to meet the requirements of varied operating conditions.

Spiral Wound Gasket

Flat Cut Gaskets and Sheets

Non metallic Flat Cut Gaskets are widely used in many industries for a variety of applications. Cut to recognized industry standards or dimensions to suit customers individual requirements. Selection must consider temperature, application, media and pressure - technical support is available to assist in your Gasket selection.

We can supply popular brands of non asbestos, flexible graphite, inorganic fiber and modified PTFE styles which may be cut to any shape or size by water jet cutting. Normal ordering information. Size - pressure rating - material - thickness - Flange standard. Our most common range are Raised Face and Full Face Gaskets to ASME B16.21

Flat Cut Gaskets and Sheets

Flexible Graphite Sheet Products

Excellent sealing for extreme conditions withstanding heat, pressure and aggressive chemicals, seals easily under moderate bolt loads.

Flexible Graphite Sheet is available thicknesses are 0.8mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm and 3.2mm Sheet size is generally 1500mm x 1500mm or 1000mm x 2000mm.

Flexible Graphite Sheet Product

Steel Re-inforced Rubber Gaskets

Steel Re-inforced Rubber Gaskets have been proven in use over many years. Available in various styles to suit varied applications in petrochemical, pipeline, power and related industries

They are efficient Gaskets with excellent handling properties in styles to suit varied performance requirement especially where Flanges may have imperfections or are required to seal under minimum bolt tightening.

Steel Re-inforced Rubber Gasket

Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Metal Jacketed Gaskets comprise of a thin metallic outer shell enclosing a resilient filler material. The Gaskets metal case protects the resilient filler and is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion.

Metal Jacketed Gaskets are hand made and are available in many shapes and sizes with a selection of metals and fillers available. Internal ribs of any configuration are available.

Metal Jacketed Gasket

Serrated Metal Gaskets

Serrated Metal Gaskets are very effective Gaskets for sealing Flange connections especially at elevated pressures and temperatures with fluctuating conditions.

It has the reliability of a metal to metal seal along with a soft sealing face to provide a tighter joint and excellent anti blow-out and sealing properties.

Manufactured from a solid core with soft conformable graphite bonded to the sealing faces to suit ASME/ ANSI flanges - Special sizes and core materials also available upon request.

Serrated Metal Gaskets are often used as a replacement for Spiral Wound and Double - Jacketed Gaskets and are available in various styles.

Serrated Metal Gasket

Insulating Kits

Flange Insulating Kits are used in Flange applications where electrical isolation and resistance to corrosion are required.

Temperature range for the phenolic gasket is -54c to 104c. Dielectric strength 500 volts/ Mil.

Phenolic sleeve operating temperature is -29c to 107c. Dielectric strength 400 volts/ Mil.Water absorbsion is 1.6%.

Insulating Kit